Bible Studies

Our Bible studies cater for a variety of people and ages. The meetings focus on studying God’s Word and discussing as a group how we can apply it to our lives, praying for one another and supporting and caring for one another as well as reaching out to others. All Bible studies meet together face to face except when there are covid restrictions operating and meetings are then conducted using zoom or similar. If you would like to discuss joining a Bible study please contact David O’Mara (minister) who can offer advice on which group may be most suitable :-

Our Bible Studies compliment our Sunday service.

Bible Studies meet Monday to Thursday.
Tuesday 9:30-11:30am Ladies Bible Study – meets at Church “cafe” – Contact Non F or Sue J

Tuesday 7-8:30pm  Mixed – meets at Church “Cafe”  – contact  David O’Mara 

Thursday Night Women’s Bible Study 7-8:30pm – meets at Church “Cafe” – see Cheryl O & Martha deM

Wednesday Night Mixed Bible Study 7:30-9pm – meets at Church “Cafe” –  contact Mal Rich 

Wednesday Night Ladies Bible Study 7:30-9pm – meets at a church members house- contact Katie S

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible with toddlers 9:30-11:30am – meets at Church “Cafe” – see Jordon T and Shion T  

Thursday Night Young Adults 7:30-9pm – meets at a church member’s house – see Jodie H & Suzannah G