Sunday Reflections

To Spread God’s Good News

Dear Friends,

Acts 9:1-31 is the last passage in our series in the book of Acts learning about the work of the Holy Spirit to empower the church of Jesus Christ for mission. This passage is about the conversion of Saul. In the opening verses we learn how hard-hearted Saul was and how opposed he was to Jesus and his followers. He was heading to arrest followers of Jesus in Damascus. It is amazing how Saul’s life is turned around and this reminds us that no one is beyond the reach of God.

Our Australian society is very secular but God can still turn people around today. Whilst Saul’s conversion is unique there are some important principles for us. On the road to Damascus, Saul was struck by a light and Jesus appears to him. Saul had a personal encounter with Jesus. Jesus told him to go to Damascus and wait to be told what to do. The second thing Saul did was yield to Jesus.

God sent Ananias, a follower of Jesus, to pray for him and later He sent Barnabas. Saul gravitates to other followers of Jesus and this is the third aspect of being a follower of Jesus – we love the church and see that Jesus died for this church. Finally, Paul engaged in mission to tell other people about Jesus. The enemy of Jesus is now trying to help other people become friends with Jesus. That is the role of every follower of Jesus. We want to spread His good news.

God’s Blessing David O’Mara

From the 10am Pastor’s Bulletin, 3 April 2022