Our Mission Statement

All Souls Leichhardt exists to glorify God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ

The reason why we want to glorify or honour God is that we have discovered that He has been very kind to us in giving us life as our Creator and then sending Jesus to die on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

We want to glorify God because He doesn’t treat us as we deserve but rather He continues to love us and doesn’t give up on us !

We exist as a church to help people come to faith in Jesus and experience His goodness in their lives and be transformed for the better by the power of His Good News of love.

We exist to honour Jesus by putting Him first in our lives and we help people do that by teaching the Bible and caring for and supporting people in their lives.

We exist to help people learn to follow Jesus so they understand that being a Christian is more than just attending church on Sunday but is about having a living and real and vital relationship with Jesus.

We exist as a church to serve and love people in our community. We desire to see God’s justice lived out in our local area. This is particularly expressed by supporting and being a voice for those who are vulnerable and cannot speak for themselves !

We truly believe that Jesus is the answer to the problems of this world. It is Jesus alone who can deal with the problem of our sin and our failures and bring forgiveness and it is Jesus alone who can deal with pain and hurt in our lives and restore His joy and peace to us.

We are conscious that we live in a broken and lonely and hurting world. Despite this there is great hope because God has a plan for us and as we learn to be a disciple or follower of Jesus we will find great purpose and meaning in this life.

We love God because not only does He call us to follow Him but He gives us the power to do that through the gift of the Holy Spirit who strengthens us to be disciples.

The key to glorifying God and following Him as a disciple is to see that the Bible is His Word and is His message of love to our world. We teach the Bible knowing that it teaches us that the key to becoming a Christian is through Christ alone because of His grace alone and received by faith alone and the source of this truth is through the Bible alone.

In our church we love Jesus. We are not a perfect church and God is at work changing us to become more like Jesus. I hope and pray that you will join us on the most exciting and important journey in life — knowing , loving and serving Jesus.

Rev David O’Mara