Sunday Reflections

Complete Unity

Dear Friends,

In John 5:19-30, Jesus responds to the rebukes of the Jewish leaders who think that He is overstepping the mark by calling God His own Father. They rightly saw that Jesus was claiming a unique relationship with God. He explains the uniqueness of this relationship in this passage. He and the Father are in complete unity (5:19-20). When Jesus acts, the Father acts and this truth is contained in John 10:30, which says that Jesus and the Father are One.

Not only is there complete unity, but Jesus has authority to grant life to the dead and to judge people. This relationship between Jesus and the Father is in perfect unity and the incredible truth is that God grants us the privilege of sharing in the love which they have with each other – see John 17:21. One of the most interesting statements in this section is that Jesus says the Father will show greater works which will amaze the people. In the context of this passage the greater works are to give life to the dead – that is to make people alive spiritually

God’s blessing, Rev. David O’Mara

From the PM Pastor’s bulletin, 26 September 2021.

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