Sunday Reflections

The Bread of Life

In John 6:25-40, Jesus explains the need to work for bread that endures to eternal life. He is the source of this bread of life.

Dear Friends,

Read John 6:25-40. Notice the patience of our Lord to help people, even though they only come to Him because He has provided them with bread. Jesus explains to them that they are to work for bread that endures to eternal life and that Jesus is the source of this new life.

In v.28, the people hear Jesus’ words about working for this spiritual bread and they want to know what works God wants from them. Again Jesus is patient with them and teaches them that the work of God is to believe or have faith in Jesus (v.29). The Gospel is always about what Christ has done for you, not what we can do to get right with God. This is such good news because none of us are able to fulfil what God requires. Jesus has achieved through His obedience and death on the cross what we could not.

By reminding the people that He is the bread of life and by encouraging them to come to Him, Jesus teaches that He alone is the source of eternal life. Furthermore, He builds confidence that when we come to Him, He will keep us as His own children. Assurance that you are God’s child and are safe is essential.

God’s Blessing David O’Mara

From the PM Pastor’s Bulletin, 24 October 2021