Sunday Reflections

Being Drawn in by God

Dear Friends,

John 6:41-60 is about the unbelief of the Jews. Last week, the crowds sought Jesus for the wrong reasons – for physical food and to make Him a political leader – but the reason the Jewish leaders reject Jesus is different. They understand His claims that He has come from God and they reject these claims. They even argue about this amongst themselves.

In the face of their unbelief, Jesus reminds us that we can only seek and know God by being drawn in by God. The word “draws” carries the idea of helping those who are resistant to being turned around to become willing to seek God.

Jesus also reiterates that He is the bread of life. He takes this teaching one step further though, saying that those who come to Him will eat His flesh and blood. This passage is not referring to the Lord’s supper. When speaking of eating His flesh and blood, He means that those who want eternal life need to put their faith and trust in Jesus, who has offered up His flesh (which is His body, which is His life) for our sins. Eating and drinking Jesus means putting our trust in His death on the cross.

God’s Blessing David O’Mara

From the PM Pastor’s Bulletin, 31 Oct 2021