Sunday Reflections

The Holy Spirit gives Life

The Holy Spirit and the Words of Jesus gives us life. They are a reason to be thankful and hopeful. No one is beyond God’s reach.

Dear Friends,

In John 6:60-71, Jesus continues His theme of our inability to find God through our own efforts. He repeats the teaching from 6:37,44: that we can only truly know God if the Father draws us (see verse 65).

Jesus reiterates this in verse 63: “The Spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing. The Words I have spoken to you – they are full of the Spirit and life.” It is an absolute miracle that anyone comes to faith in Jesus. This verse also explains how we do come to faith in Jesus: it is the work of the Holy Spirit who gives life as the Words of Jesus are proclaimed and explained.

This truth of our inability to come to faith should both humble and encourage us. True spiritual life is a gift and not based on our cleverness. It is a reason to be thankful to God. Further, we understand that no one is beyond God’s reach because the Father can draw anyone. May God encourage us to seek Him in prayer, that many others may come to faith in Jesus. And may He grant us courage to speak His Word to many people, trusting Him to work through us.

Rev David O’Mara

From PM Pastor’s Bulletin, 7 November 2021