Sunday Reflections

To Hear Jesus

Many people are attracted to Jesus’ teaching. He is the source of spiritual life and our spiritual thirst is quenched by the Holy Spirit, whom he shares with us. His words are our sustenance.

Dear Friends,

In John 7:25-52, there is a mixed reception to Jesus’ person and teaching. The temple guards, under orders from the Chief priests and Pharisees, go to the temple area to arrest Jesus but don’t return with Him. When questioned why, they say that no one ever spoke like him. The religious leaders dismiss the guards as having been deceived! The religious leaders also dismiss the crowd as ignorant. Other people are wondering if the leaders have concluded that Jesus is the Messiah. Nicodemus speaks up and says that Jesus should first get a hearing.

Many people are attracted to Jesus’ teaching. In this chapter, Jesus says that He is the source of spiritual life. He says to people that if anyone is thirsty then they should come to Him. Jesus is teaching that He is the one who quenches spiritual thirst and gives the Spirit, who produces spiritual life in people.

Jesus still divides people today. The experts of the Law misunderstand the Law because they were intent on rejecting Jesus. They are examples of people who are not thirsty and have hardened their hearts to Jesus. May God soften our hearts so that we hear Jesus.

God’s Blessing David O’Mara

From the PM Pastor’s Bulletin, 21 November 2021