Sunday Reflections

The Word of God is a treasure

Dear Friends,

In 1 Kings 8:1-21, we reach one of the high points of the Old Testament. The temple of God has been completed and it is then dedicated to the Lord. What is given prime place is the Ark of the Covenant which contains the stone tablets which God had written His law on and gave to Moses. It is the Word of God which is given the most important place in the temple (in the holy of holies) because our God speaks and rules by His Word and His Word is precious.

When the Ark was brought into the temple, God’s presence filled the temple. His presence took the form of a cloud which was God’s glory or a revelation of His holy character. It is amazing to think that it is the Law of God which is synonymous with God’s glory. What a treasure is the Word of God.

Today we know that the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed twice but that doesn’t mean we are without a holy dwelling place for God. Jesus teaches that He Himself is the temple of the Lord (John 2) and incredibly He comes and dwells in us through His Spirit and so our bodies are holy temples to the Lord – meaning that God’s presence is not far away in Jerusalem but instead amongst God’s people as they gather in His name.

We are reminded that this has come about because God has kept His promise to David and his ancestors to place His name in the promised land. Be encouraged that God’s Holy presence is Jesus and through His Spirit, He dwells in us! What an incredible gift!

God’s blessing David O’Mara

From the Pastor’s Bulletin, 16 January 2022