Sunday Reflections

Jesus’ Divine Nature

At our 5PM service this week, we see the end of Jesus’ public ministry. Jesus ends his three years of ministry with a stirring call to faith. John’s writing has a clear purpose of convincing the reader of Jesus’ divine nature and records the seven signs for that purpose. That part of John’s gospel is now finished, the evidence has been presented.

Unfortunately, we see that the Sanhedrin have made the wrong decision and do not believe the evidence put before them. What’s even more tragic is that we see so many people today who reject the evidence of Jesus and refuse to believe. Jesus cares for your life both here on Earth and in eternity and he is calling you to put your faith in him. He wants to live with you in heaven. The Sanhedrin have already decided what they think about Jesus. Have you?

From the 5pm Pastor’s Bulletin, 3 April 2022