Sunday Reflections

Forsaken for me so I could be accepted

Dear Friends, Our focus is on the Lord because He is our life. We remember on this Good Friday that Jesus came and died for people. People matter to God and people matter to us. One of the interesting phenomena that is coming out of this period of self-isolation is that people in our church have been ringing each other to see how others are coping. We thank the Lord for this increased care and support for one another albeit remotely ! Today the focus of the message is from Mark 14:22-26. Jesus celebrates the Passover with his disciples which looks back to God’s great deliverance for His people from slavery in Egypt. Jesus, as he shares the bread and the wine says that this is my body and blood. He is referring to His death on the cross and that this is a new act of deliverance from slavery :- Jesus delivers us from sin and death. We are encouraged that this salvation is totally the work of Jesus for us. In fact the death of Jesus on the cross for our sins as a sacrificial substitute reminds us to look to God and not ourselves. All love costs the giver something and this is beautifully displayed in Jesus’ death for us so we might enjoy His forgiveness. God’s Blessing Rev David O’Mara 

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