Sunday Reflections

Evidence to Believe

Dear Friends,

In John 5:31-47, Jesus continues to teach about His identity. This is inspired logic. In John 5:1-18, Jesus heals a paralysed man on the Sabbath and declares that He and His Father are always at work. Jesus doesn’t rest on the Sabbath because, like His Father, Jesus continues to provide for other people’s needs. The Jews persecute Jesus because they don’t believe He is God’s Son.

Then in 5:19-30, Jesus explains that He and the Father are one and that the Father gives Him authority to both give spiritual and physical life to people and to judge people. Jesus makes a bold statement that whoever honours the Son honours the Father.

Then in 5:31-47, Jesus gives the evidence for His claims of fulfilling the Law (see Deuteronomy 19:15). Jesus cites the evidence of John the Baptist, declaring that Jesus is the Lord who has come. Then Jesus cites the evidence of the miracles He performs, which are from the Father. Finally, Jesus speaks of the testimony of Moses who pointed to Him.

There is enough evidence to believe in Jesus. However, the problem is always that people want glory for themselves. They don’t have God’s Word & love in them. Unbelief is the product of sin, not a lack of evidence.

God’s Blessing David O’Mara

From the PM Pastor’s bulletin, 3 October 2021