Sunday Reflections

Boldness for God’s Cause

Dear Friends,

In Genesis 38:1-30, we learn more about another one of Jacob’s sons: Judah. Judah is the father of the tribe to which Jesus is born. In Chapter 38 though, this dynasty is under threat because Judah is failing to fulfil his covenantal obligations to ensure his family produces an heir.

This is one of the most surprising passages in the Bible because it shows God’s power to overrule the sinfulness of people so that His purposes are fulfilled. Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar is a Canaanite but shows more righteousness than Judah, an Israelite, by being concerned for the family line.

In Ruth 4 and Matthew 1, we see the family line of David and Jesus. Tamar’s son (Perez) is an ancestor of King David and Tamar herself is included in the family line of Jesus. What graciousness and kindness Jesus bestows on us. We are not encouraged to emulate Tamar’s deceptiveness, but her boldness for God’s cause is a quality to ask God to grow in us.

God’s Blessing, David O’Mara

From the AM Pastor’s bulletin, 10 October 2021