Sunday Reflections

Jesus is the Light

Dear Friends,

Light is such a wonderful gift. The light from the sun gives life to the natural world. Light enables us to enjoy life and see the beauty of creation. Light is central to life as we know it. So when Jesus says that He is the source of light in John 8:12, He means that He is the one who gives life and drives away darkness. Jesus has everything you need for life and when we go looking for life from other sources we invariably miss out and don’t enjoy life to the fullest. In Jesus’ statement He contrasts Himself with the darkness that is so prevalent in the world. If we don’t have Jesus’ light we will walk in darkness where evil is prevalent and will miss out on true life.

Jesus explains in verse 14 onwards that His testimony is valid because both He and the Father testify confirming His statements. Jesus also teaches that He reveals God because if people knew Him they would know God also. This of course rouses opposition from the Pharisees because the Jews can’t accept that Jesus came from God. If they accepted that, then they would have to submit to Jesus and they don’t want to do that. In this passage, Jesus connects the life He gives to when He is lifted up or dying on the cross for our sins. Friends, Jesus keeps bringing us back to the powerful work of the Cross which gives us true life and forgiveness of sins.

God’s Blessing David O’Mara

From the PM Pastor’s Bulletin, 5 December 2021