Sunday Reflections


Dear Friends,

Today is the last in our series on the story of Joseph. The book of Genesis closes with Joseph requesting that his family take his bones home to the promised land (see Genesis 50:15-26). This is a wonderful statement of faith. Joseph sees his future in the promised land and by faith he reminds his family that God has promised that He will come to their rescue (see Genesis 15:13-14)and of course God has promised to Abraham to give His people a land to dwell in.

As we journey through life, we will meet many challenges. These are opportunities for us to depend on the Lord and take hold of His promises by faith and to trust Him. Whatever happens, we are going home. The New Testament gives us this assurance of the resurrection from the dead through the power of Jesus. Jesus has conquered the last enemy of death and sin (1 Cor 15:55-56)and He expects that we will respond by standing firm in the faith and giving ourselves fully to the work of the Lord (1 Cor 15:58).

We are assured that God will get us home because even when evil tries to destroy and overwhelm us, God can bring good out of evil and nothing can thwart His purposes (see Gen 50:19-21). As we approach Christmas, please be of good cheer and rejoice in the Lord because He is with us and will not leave us. He will get us home safely. This is His promise to us.

God’s blessing, David O’Mara

From the AM Pastor’s Bulletin, 12 December 2021