Sunday Reflections

A Fresh Start

Dear Friends,

Jesus explains the difference between true and false discipleship. True followers believe that Jesus was sent from God and He speaks through the very Words of Jesus. These Words of Jesus are very powerful because the truth sets us free from guilt and condemnation and brings true freedom, so we can understand what it means to be a child of God.

Further, the power of God’s Word brings a freedom from the slavery of sin. Without this power of Jesus intervening, we are slaves to sin with no way out. Slavery to sin is like being trapped in quicksand, as hard as we try to get out of it we can’t make progress. It is only when we receive help from someone on solid ground that we can be free.

As we remember Christmas, we are reminded that the angel announced to the shepherds that he brought them good news of a Saviour who has been born, Christ the Lord. The whole identity of Jesus as a Saviour means that He rescues us from a problem which we are unable to break out of. Sin is a problem which we can’t overcome in our own strength but Jesus has power to set us free. The blessing of the Word of God is that it is God’s truth and they heal us from the lies which we have listened to and accepted. The Good News of Jesus is that we are not locked into the past but can make a fresh start.

God’s Blessing David O’Mara

From the PM Pastor’s Bulletin, 12 December 2021