Sunday Reflections

The Holy Spirit Poured Out

Dear Friends,

In today’s readings (Acts 2:1-13, 36-41) Luke records for us the story of Pentecost. As the promised Holy Spirit is poured out, the disciples are enabled to speak any known language and they declare the praises of God. This leads to Peter delivering the first sermon and 3000 people are added to God’s church.

God is delivering on His promise in Acts 1:8, that we will receive power and the Holy Spirit will come upon the disciples and they will be witnesses for Jesus to the ends of the earth. The Holy Spirit gives us courage to be witnesses for Jesus and we should be expecting new power and new courage and new people to come to faith in Jesus.

In Acts, the initial impact of Pentecost was for the people who were visiting Jerusalem from afar, hearing the praises of God in their own language. God has already been bringing people from other cultures to All Souls and I believe that we will see that increase. Please be praying for people to come to faith in Jesus and that we would tell others about Jesus in the community.

God’s blessing, David O’Mara.

From the 10am Pastor’s Bulletin, 13 Feb 2022