Sunday Reflections

Is Your Church Alive?

Dear Friends,

In Acts 2:42-47, the work of the Spirit is to form a church and to gather God’s people together. There are qualities outlined which indicate what an alive church that is driven by the Holy Spirit looks like. In 2:42, a church which is full of the Holy Spirit devotes themselves to the teaching of the apostles as set down in the Bible. This leads to a fellowship or a common life as they seek to serve one another in love. Our common life encourages a focus on Jesus as the head of the church. It has been my observation that Christians who have grown most are those who get involved in the church and serve the Lord.

Luke describes the breaking of bread, which is most likely remembering the Lord Jesus’ death or communion as He told us to do, and this is paired with prayer. This is worship. An alive church finds that God is at work as He adds to the church and as the church does evangelism and shares the faith.

Healthy church life leads to Peter and John being used by God to heal a lame man and this is the launching pad for Peter to declare that people must turn from sin and turn to Jesus. The great gift is that Jesus wipes “our slates” clean from sin and brings refreshing times upon us (3:18-19) as we await for the return of Jesus. Our great hope is that Jesus will come back and fix up this broken world and take us home.

God’s blessing David O’Mara

From the 10am Pastor’s Bulletin, 20 Feb 2022